About Wag the Dog Theatre

WTD Logo w Theatre Trans
We are an ensemble of professional actors, directors and producers who are coming together to establish Singapore’s first English speaking cooperative theatre company.  We mounted our first production in June 2017.  Wag the Dog Theatre is an affiliate of Phenix Arts LTD.  Our logo was designed by Carol Hia Designs.

What’s a co-op  theatre company?

Cooperative theatre companies mount stage productions which are selected, funded, produced and performed by the company’s members. Co-op theatre is hugely popular in the UK, US, Canada and Australia giving artists much more control over their work. Read more essential info about the co-op system here

Wag the Dog’s Vision Statement:

Wag the Dog Theatre believes
– that great theatre focuses solely on the richness of the storytelling.
– that sharing all production responsibilities and costs bonds an ensemble of theatre artists and drives them to achieve a higher level of art with greater artistic satisfaction.
– that challenging ourselves and taking risks as artists become much more welcomed, even expected, within the cooperative environment.